The Gonstead Method

Very Specific - Time Tested - Proven Extremely Effective

Therein lies the uniqueness of my work – The Gonstead Technique has a specific application on the affected segment or segments only.

Dr. C.S. Gonstead

What Makes It Unique?

    • Thorough Analysis
    • Extreme Attention to Detail
    • Understanding the Importance of Foundation
    • Evaluating the Intervertebral Disc
    • Taking the Time Needed to FIND THE CAUSE!!!


The Importance of Foundation

The Gonstead Difference

The most important part of getting people well is to take your time, give them the utmost of your ability as a chiropractor – Dr. Gonstead

We take the time needed to figure out the source of your problem and correct it.  

Find the Cause!!!
How do we do it???

We use 5 different criteria to determine the location of the subluxation.

    • Instrumentation
      • Pre- Adjustment to test for nerve interference
      • Post Adjustment to confirm that the precise correction has been made
    • Static Palpation
      • Checking for swelling, tenderness & any other abnormalities
    • Motion Palpation
      • Moving the spine to evaluate the vertebra in question
    • Visualization
      • Looking for abnormalities (Slight or Major)
    • X-Ray Analysis
      • Full Spine Visualization

The most important part of getting people well is to take your time . . .

– Dr. C.S. Gonstead


The Gonstead Adjustment

As a result of the thorough analysis that has been done, I know exactly what segment needs to be adjusted, at what angle, and with what force to return it to normal position.

This is not a general adjustment.

A very precise & accurate correction is applied by hand only to the segment or segments causing a problem!

A post adjustment check is then done via instrumentation & motion palpation to confirm that the nerve pressure has been alleviated.

Who was Clarence S. Gonstead?

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead developed and perfected the Gonstead Method while practicing chiropractic for over 55 years.  His great devotion to chiropractic began after he suffered an acute case of rheumatoid arthritis.  After traditional medical treatments had failed him for months, he was treated by his aunt’s chiropractor.  The results were exceptional!

He graduated from chiropractic school in 1923.  After working for his mentor briefly, he opened his own practice in Mt. Horeb, WI and practiced there until his death in 1978.  With patients coming from all over the world to seek his help, he had to increase his clinic size 3 different times.  To accommodate his patient load of 500-700 per day, his clinic was equipped with 11 adjusting rooms, a waiting room with a capacity for 128, a hotel, and an airstrip.

His help was sought by so many due to the extraordinary results that his chiropractic technique was achieving for his patients.  Thanks to having a background in engineering, he saw the spine as an engineering wonder.  To further his knowledge beyond what was available at the time, he conducted extensive research and case studies.  All of this led to some very important finds for the chiropractic profession and more specifically for the Gonstead technique.

One very important finding that he is credited with is the realization that the pelvis can move.  This paved the way for a very important principle of the Gonstead Method.

The Importance of a Level Foundation

He understood something very significant.  Slight imperfections in the foundation (your pelvis), can cause much larger deviations above.

His great emphasis on analysis and specificity brought an extreme level of personalized care to each patient.  He was devoted to finding the cause,  correcting it through precise adjustments, and letting the body heal itself.

Why I Chose to Specialize in The Gonstead Method

The answer is simple. This method makes perfect sense to me!  There is not a better full spine method available.  It is the ultimate in specific chiropractic care.  The meticulous level of analysis and dedication to finding the cause is why this method has proven to be extremely effective ever since Dr. Gonstead developed the technique!

Reposition the vertebra to take pressure off of the nerve and you will get sick people well.

Dr. C.S. Gonstead

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Focus on The Cause! Not the Symptom!!!

We take the time needed to figure out the problem & correct it.
Healing & Hospitality

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