Can you help me?

Why not come and find out?  Consultations are FREE!  If we feel that chiropractic is not the right path for you at this time, we will tell you.

Can It Help Me? (click to learn more)


Do adjustments hurt?

Any discomfort will depend on your level of inflammation.  Most commonly if you feel any discomfort it may feel like a bee sting for a few seconds.

How long until I feel better?

Your healing process is unique to you.

Phases of Healing (click to learn more)


How much time should I allow for my appointment?

We ask that you allow 1.5 hours for your initial visit.  This allows us time to answer your questions and complete our thorough analysis to FIND THE CAUSE.  Follow up appointments take about 15 minutes.

What if I don’t need an adjustment?

Then you won’t get one.  We analyze the 5 criteria (The Gonstead Method) at each visit to check for the presence of a subluxation.

I’m so frustrated with how I feel, why try?

Don’t Give Up!  We’re here for you!!!

I feel like I’ve tried everything to feel better, why should I come to Southern Style Chiropractic?
I’ve tried chiropractic before, why should I come to Southern Style Chiropractic?

Those are easy to answer.  You need to come and Experience The Southern Style Difference!

We won’t waste your time.  If we don’t feel that chiropractic care is the best path for you at this time, we will tell you.

That being said, we will do everything we can to Find The Cause of your issue and Correct It.

We will take the time necessary to do that for you.

Remember, CONSULTATIONS ARE FREE.  We’re willing to take the time, are you?