Our Philosophy

I, just as many others, formerly believed that you went to a chiropractor when your back was stiff or hurting. However, on my road to becoming a chiropractor my eyes were opened to the unlimited benefits of chiropractic.  It has become a way of life for my family and me.  Traditional healthcare has a tendency to concern itself with treating symptoms while overlooking the cause.  We look for the cause!   My job is to remove interference, pressure, and irritation from your nervous system.  When the subluxation is corrected, your body can heal and function as it was designed to do.

Find the Cause

My Promise to You

To Listen

To Answer Your Questions to the Best of My Ability

To Take the Time Necessary to Figure it Out


My Goal

Find the Cause

Correct the Problem

Get You Well


My Hope

That You Will Let us Help You

We specialize in

The Gonstead Method

What Is An Adjustment?

What Is An Adjustment? It is the art of correcting the subluxation. We follow The Gonstead Method protocol for adjusting.    What Is A Spinal...

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Why X-Rays Are Important!!!

Why Are X-Rays So Important? To Safely Move It – You Need To See It!!!!! I cannot stress that enough! None of us are built exactly the same...

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Can It Help Me?

Can It Help Me?   We focus on removing nerve pressure to facilitate healing. Only Your Body Can Heal Itself!   Who could benefit from a...

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Why Chiropractic Works

Why Chiropractic Works   Chiropractic is very complex in what it can address, but very simple in how it works.   Remove interference...

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