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What To Expect

Your Initial Visit


During your FREE consultation with the doctor you will have the opportunity to discuss any health concerns or conditions that you may be experiencing.  Ask as many questions as you like.  We want you to be completely comfortable and informed about your chiropractic care.  We also want you to let us know what your health and wellness goals are so that we can help you achieve those goals.

Chiropractic Exam

Your chiropractic exam will consist of the following:

    1. Neuromuscular Evaluation
      • Muscle Testing
      • Reflex Testing
      • Sensation Testing
    2. Orthopedic Testing
      • Joint Stability
      • Range of Motion
      • Muscle Strength
    3. Spinal Analysis
      • Postural Abnormalities
      • Tenderness
      • Inflammation
      • Thermography


We like to see what we’re working with!  We want to look at a picture of your bones and joints before adjusting them (unless contraindicated).  X-rays are extremely important to your very specific and personalized care!  No one else is built exactly like you.

Things your x-rays can tell us:

      • Bone Condition
      • Joint Condition / Instability
      • Disc Condition
      • Stages of Degeneration
      • Fractures
      • Congenital Abnormalities
      • Pathological Conditions
      • Subluxations & Compensations
      • Direction of Misalignment


The doctor is ready to go over your assessment with you.

We will discuss the following:

    • Exam Findings
    • X-Ray Findings
    • Any Questions
    • Your Health & Wellness Goals
    • Your Best Path to Reach Those Goals with Personalized Chiropractic Care

The Adjustment

An adjustment is the art of correcting the subluxation.

We make these corrections using The Gonstead Method of Chiropractic.

The focus of the adjustment is precision and accuracy to ensure a specific correction to the affected segment or segments only.

Now begins your journey to a healthier new you.

Chiropractic could allow you to function without pain, but it could also help you in so many other ways.  Without interference to the nervous system, your body has the opportunity to function at 100%.  This means that all the organs of the body have the potential to work at their maximum capacity just the way they were designed to do.  This 100% new you has what it needs for maximum immune function, allowing you to fight off disease easier.  This 100% new you has just the right amount of stomach acid to properly digest the food you eat.  This 100% new you has so much potential when given the opportunity to function without nerve interference.


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